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"Hellenistic art is the art of the Hellenistic Period dating from the death of Alexander the Great in 323 BC to the emergence of ancient Rome as signified by the Battle of Actium in 31 BC" (Wikipedia, sorry. LOL

In the Hellenistic era,most of the art had a Greek hue to it. Much of the culture and way of life were Greek at this time. (Because they were Greek! I am a dummy!

"Idealism gave way to naturalism, the culmination of the works of fourth-century b.c.e. sculptors Lysippos, Skopas, and Praxiteles, all of whom emphasized realistic expression of the human figure."

Highlights of Art

Elaborate banquet halls, jewelry, and beautiful statutes were created during this time period. 


A good amount of the art pieces created focused on gods, heroes, and humans. These pieces explored the emotions of these beings. 
Greek people believed in many gods and heroes. They created beautiful temples and statues to adorn them.

The Greeks Sculpted from stone, marble, and casted bronze. 


Architecture was further refined, and new ideas were created. New ideas like the Corinthian Order were used for buildings like the  Temple of Zeus in Athens. What is really amazing is the innovating city plans that the Greeks created. Their complex structures were almost ingenious, as well as complex and beautiful! 

The Pergamon, built around the Acropolis is another higlight of Hellenstic Architecture. 

This period marks the decline of vases, however there are still many beautiful examples of ceramic art.

Lagynos decorated with musical instruments, 150‑100 BC, Louvre

Metal Workings were possible in this period because of the recent technology that allowed them to do so. 

This is one beautiful example. 

Braganza brooch, ca. 250-200 BC. British Museum

Terra cotta figurines were also created during this period. 
This figures were only for religious use. 
Woman holding a jar of wine, Kertch, second half of 4th century BC, Louvre

All images are from Wikipedia because I am awful. LOL 


Written by Astrikos for the Art History Project

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Greek and Hellenistic Art History by Astrikos
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