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Contest! Update Your Info! Art History Month!

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 1, 2012, 7:35 AM

Only SIX DAYS Left to Join the Fun!

There are only 6 days left to participate in the Creatures of the Night Stock and Resources Contest!  Get those entries in!  Contest info here.

Update Your Contact Info!

Make sure your contact info is updated in your profile!  This is very important for many reasons, not the least being so that other artists can contact you.  Commissions, of course, are one thing you might be contacted about, but this also applies to stockers, which is what I will mostly be referring to below.

Not long ago, TheDarkRayne put up this journal about how she has trouble contacting stockers for commercial use projects.

:bulletgreen: If you say "Contact me/ask me for ____" MAKE SURE your contact info is updated and that you actually check that email/message system/whatever frequently!
:bulletgreen: If you cannot reply in a timely matter, mention that!
Many artists have lost big opportunities such as being published because other artists have not responded quickly enough.  If you are unable to keep up with messages, you should probably not have an "ask me before you  ____" in your terms of use.
:bulletgreen: Mention the BEST way to get ahold of you.
For some people this is the dA note system, for others, an email address.  Maybe it's dA notes with a big "IMPORTANT" in the title so you see it.  Whatever it is, make sure it is easy to find for the artists wanting to contact you.


IT'S HERE! :la:

Stock and Resources Art History month is here!

Read all about it here!

Don't know what the Art History project is?  Stolen from BeccaJS, "The idea of this project is to educate, inform and share interest in areas of art that perhaps are not considered at the forefront of creation, but actually influence and shape the way we look at art today." I wanna copy and paste her entire journal and just change "literature" to "stock and resources" because it's so awesome >.>

YOU can get involved!  It is not limited to just CVs.  We need input from the community!  An article per day would be awesome, so if you have something you'd like to contribute, please note me or Elandria with what your article will be about, and what date in November you'd like to submit it.  We don't need the full article yet, just give us a quick explanation of what you'll cover.  You can of course write more than one article if you want!

Here is the schedule:…;:)

Some ideas for topics that you can steal or take inspiration from:
:bulletgreen: General history of the stock photo
:bulletgreen: How digital media influenced stock
:bulletgreen: The modern market for commercial stock
:bulletgreen: The use of live models before stock photography
:bulletgreen: A history of photo-editing programs and/or techniques
:bulletgreen: An interview of your favorite stocker

Remember, the article does not need to be a 10-page research paper, so don't be daunted ;)  It will be fun and exciting and I can't wait to see what you guys come up with!



DD Roundup for October! :la:

I still have dresses and things for sale: piratelotus-stock.deviantart.c… AND so does HiddenYume-stock!  Check it out:…

The ManStock challenge has been extended!  Go get those prizes

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rml-stock Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
The art history project sounds like it will be cool. I'm looking forward to reading the articles.
PirateLotus-Stock Featured By Owner Nov 1, 2012
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