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November 3, 2012
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Welcome to Stock Provider, Stock User!

This is the first in a series of articles where we interview a deviant who is both a stock provider and a stock user.

Our first interview is with charligal-stock/charligal!

Hello! Firstly, how is living with our dear Claire (Tasastock)?

It's awesome!! I love her so much, she is a true kindred spirit. Honestly, it feels like we have been living together for ages. It's a really comfortable atmosphere and I am so happy to have her. It's also been a ton of fun introducing her to my friends after all this time talking about how amazing she is. They love her too, hell it's hard not to... she is the bomb diggity.

You have been on your art account, charligal, for 4 years. Did you have any accounts before that one?

Haha oh yes, my beloved art account. Well way back when I was still a student studying Design and Illustration, my classmate slexii got me onto this site saying how it was a great social media platform for artists and that I'd really like it. I did. Hence :iconcharligal: came about. It was my first account here on DA and it's certainly my art based one... well it's slightly outdated.

I see you are a fan of Return to Wonderland. Will you tell us a bit about it and why you like it so much?

Well when I first began as an artist on here, the comic crew really took me under their wing and helped me evolve so much in my skills and techniques. ToolKitten ebas Danielleister who all do a lot of work for zenescope comics, got me so hooked by the amazing Wonderland trilogy artwork and well... a bunch of fan art ensued. I always loved the story of Alice In Wonderland and I am a massive fan of twisted fairytales. Anyone who knows zenescopes Grimm Fairytales and Raven Gregory's writing will agree that it's a pretty cool mesh of the two.

Digital vs traditional; which do you prefer?

I'm actually quite a fan of both. I use both media a lot. The majority of drawings I do during the week are pen and ink or pencil work and I also use photoshop a lot to do digital painting. Each have their strengths, it's much of a muchness... whatever is on hand at the time is usually what I'll use.

Please show us a work (or works) that you are most proud of!

This one was awarded a DD on my art account. It's been a fave since I did it. Tigris Magicka by charligal
And i also really love this: Alma's Field by charligal and Chase The Morning by charligal

Tell us about your photography account!

:iconcharligalphotography: is a mixture of professional work I've done, creative projects I've put together, self portraits and just all round model photography and portfolio work I have. I have a load of non model photography I've been meaning to put on their too which hopefully I'll get around to soon. I have a folder for that on my FB

You've been on your stock account, charligal-stock, for 3 years. What made you start doing stock?

Haha and we come to the stock monster. Well, I work as a professional graphic designer/illustrator and a lot of the work I do requires artistic accuracy in what I draw. So reference is an essential tool for that. In the beginning I was doing a lot of stuff that I just couldn't find the right reference for. So well, I organised a stock shoot with a friend and decided it was soooooo much fun... I kept doing it.

How has your stock transitioned over time? What are you doing differently now that you didn't do at the beginning?

This was the first ever stock I submitted ..... as you can see it's pretty crap haha. Grainy, low res images, not much expression etc. Since the beginning I’ve tried to add variety to my stock. Whether that be poses, expressions, costumes, themes, hair/makeup, models, perspective etc and also trying to better the resolution of my images and quality of the photography in recent times.

You are the main model in your stock, but tell us a bit about the other people that are in your gallery!

Well the other people I have in my gallery include my boyfriend Ian, my best mate Shannon, my sister Kristen, models I have worked with on professional shoots that I’ve added the offcuts to my stock gallery… yeah I think that covers them.

What is your favorite type of stock to shoot? Also, please show us your favorite stock(s) you've done!

Quirky, creative crazy shoots, themed stuff and movement based ones are my favourite.
These ones I think would be my all time favourite stocks I’ve done.
Iced Candy stock 3 by charligal-stock Anita Blake - Part 3 stock 1 by charligal-stock Evasive Sidekick stock by charligal-stock

What is your favorite type of art to see your stock turned into? Show us your favorite art(s) that have used your stock!

I love seeing people use my art as reference for paintings/drawings etc and of course manips… I think because this is the sort of art I do in the day to day, I get an extra kick out of it. I actually once had someone use my stock as ref for a sculpture!
Hmm… favourite uses… there are soooooo many it’s hard to pick.
This is one of my oldest favourites: Yuki-onna by MarahScott and this is an example of one of the many awesome paintings people have used my stock as ref for Glance by Salacia-of-Vanadiel
Honestly I could keep you here all day with all my faves so I’ll just leave it with those two. If you want to see the awesome art people have made with my stock I have a dedicated folder here:…

Do you have any art pieces on dA that you've used your own stock for?

Yes I do, I use my stock a lot for ref and occasionally in manips. Most of it’s laying around in artbooks or on my external harddrives but here are some that have made it to DA.
Ice Queen Self Portrait by charligal Pandora's Box by charligal Isabella by charligal Path To The Underworld by charligal Solstice Sorcery by charligal Queen of Hearts vector stencil by charligal Elven Smile by charligal

And finally, what are you working on for both stock and art?

Artwise I’m working on some storyboarding advertising stuff for work and for personal art this:
Stock, Merida from Brave is in the works…. and well now that Tasastock is here…. I’m sure we will dream up some crazy collaborative stock shoots.

This is the first in a series of articles where we interview a deviant who is both a stock provider and a stock user.

Our first interview is with charligal-stock/charligal!
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