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The unseen stock - April (ll)Soo, here's another feature xD Enjoy!

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January 1, 2013
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Stock and Resource DDs given by Elandria


BG 3 by CananStockFallen Angel Gustov 15 by Falln-StockHot House Interior by AustriaAngloAlliance
snow covered christmas tree by marlene-stockGlassflower-Set by YBsilon-StockStock 111 by UmbraDeNoapte-Stock

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Stock and Resource DDs given by PirateLotus-Stock

Storm Cloud Stock by DH-Textures

Connor's armlet pattern by Cherry-ChainAbbye HDR 3 by Wess4uPortrait Stock 24 by chamberstock
Sparkle Template or Reference by mereleiSiberian Tiger 08 by animalphotosUrarii 56 by Tasastock

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Mountain reflected in the water by Korolevatumana

Gothic Textures Pack by XiuLanStockHow to Make a Swedish Heart. by Landale
Stock 192 by Lady-Moriendistocktribal gold II by jliorBroken stone texture red by Seeb-san
Color Tutorial by BloodMoonEquinoxWeathered Paper 16 by DanteSangreal

DD roundup for Stock and Resources December 2012
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